NetNames sponsors World Trademark Review Financial & Professional Services award

We recently sponsored the Financial and Professional Services award at the World Trademark Review (WTR) Industry Awards. The award was won by the American Express Marketing & Development Corp.  This category recognises the vitally important work carried out by in-house trademark counsel, in the financial and professional services industries, and aims to identify the team which is performing their functions to the highest possible standards. The other companies shortlisted for the award were Allstate Insurance Company, Banco Bilbao Vizcaya Argentaria (BBVA), Bank of America and Mastercard.

The event, held at the Happy Valley Racecourse in Hong Kong, was attended by over 200 senior in-house counsels from nominated companies as well as representatives from a number of prominent law firms.

Gary McIlraith, CEO at NetNames, comments:

“We are very proud to have sponsored and presented the Financial & Professional Services category for this year’s WTR awards.

WTR awards

Businesses lose £21 billion in revenue each year from cybercrime linked to intellectual property theft and industrial espionage. The continuous expansion of the internet and its online channels proportionally increases brands’ exposure to intellectual property risk and so it is vital that brands have procedures in place to protect their trademarks. We therefore congratulate the American Express Marketing & Development Corp. team on its success and recognition in doing exactly this.”

Trevor Little, editor of WTR, commented

“Trademarks are a key corporate asset and those tasked with protecting – and enhancing the value – of these critical rights contributing directly to their company’s success. However, trademark counsel are often the unsung corporate heroes and it is vitally important that the work they undertake is recognised. I would therefore like to thank our sponsors for their support, which ensures that the shortlisted companies get the plaudits they deserve for their exceptional achievements.”