gTLDs: Top Tips for 2014

The emergence of gTLDs means that marketers will need to rethink their online presence and secure new web addresses that support service offerings and specific marketing campaigns. Here are NetNames top-tips on how gTLDs will impact B2B marketers in the year ahead.

In the past couple of months, we have seen the launch of the first gTLDs, with suffixes such as .estate, .holdings and .venture all leading the way. As we move into 2014, how will the new gTLDs impact how marketers approach the online channels?

1. Customer engagement

In a constantly connected economy, preparation is key to ensuring that companies are able to shape their digital footprint. Moving into 2014, brands need to act early and rethink their domain name strategy by identifying the suffixes most relevant to their target market, product/service offering or specific campaign, to stay ahead of the game and enhance their online presence effectively.

2. Supporting marketing campaigns

The vast range of new addresses available, including geographical TLDs such as .london, .nyc, and international suffixes using Chinese, Russian and Arabic characters, will allow brands to tailor digital marketing campaigns to reach specific markets and niche audiences, which are designed to boost engagement.

3. SEO

New gTLDs will provide customers with a whole new way of searching the internet by searching by extension. Google is also currently revising its algorithms to take new gTLDs into account.

4. Managing affiliates

Brands often find that they are being associated with damaging sites via third parties. As the internet is a vast vacuum, with no government or regulator able to impose its authority, new gTLDs will help marketers to identify legitimate advertising suppliers and ensure that a degree of control is retained over any content placed by an affiliate network.

For more information on the new gTLDs, request one of our guides.

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