dotINSURANCE top-level domain signals new opportunities for the insurance market

As of 15th June 2016, the dotINSURANCE top-level domain (TLD) will become more widely available to licensed insurance agents and brokers around the world. NetNames, the leading online brand protection specialist, predicts that the domain will receive significant interest from eligible companies, due to the increased business opportunities and improved security the TLD will offer.

Previously, the availability of the dotINSURANCE TLD was restricted to brands which had registered their trademark data onto a centralised database managed by The Trademark Clearinghouse (TMCH), a protection mechanism built into ICANN’s gTLD programme.  The database includes verified trademarks and connects every new TLD that launches, offering brand owners first priority to register new trademarks and make them aware of possible infringements on trademarking a new gTLD.

Widening the availability of the TLD will provide a secure environment for businesses operating within the insurance market to protect their presence online.  Websites listed under the dotINSURANCE TLD will be easily identifiable as that of the genuine brand’s, as opposed to a fraudulent imitation, which is particularly important for brands operating within the security-sensitive insurance sector.

Adding a further layer of security, dotINSURANCE is operated by the same registry as the highly successful dotBANK, and comes with additional registry verification for applicants conducted by Symantec. To ensure the integrity of dotINSURANCE, organisations that wish to adopt the TLD must meet specific criteria - which include being licensed insurance agents or brokers regulated by a government authority - and then undergo a strict pre-verification and authentication process on application.

Businesses in the insurance market that missed the application window for dotBRAND in 2012 are expected to welcome this new development which will allow them to benefit from increased security and subsequent website traffic as sites listed under the TLD are likely to be given the highest relevance in online searches engines.

Gary McIlraith, CEO at NetNames, comments:

“The availability of the dotINSURANCE TLD demonstrates a step change for the insurance sector, allowing firms to not only expand and enhance their digital offering but also to secure their online presence, and improve the service offered to a global client base. We expect the launch of dotINSURANCE to generate significant interest across the insurance market, and in particular appeal to large insurance firms looking to protect their brand names under the new TLD.

“The insurance industry is steeped in tradition, however the availability and widespread adoption of these TLDs signifies a shift towards a more digitally-focused marketing strategy with security at its core. Together with the need for increased security measures to comply with increasingly strict and complex regulatory requirements, the adoption of dotINSURANCE enhances the customer experience. Consumers today demand a wider range of services on demand than ever before, and expect to be able to access them online or on mobile at any time. The new TLD will support insurers in boosting their digital offering, whilst ensuring they establish a leading market position in a reliable, secure environment.”