Happy Roald Dahl day!

Leigh Mitchell

"George didn't say a word. He felt quite trembly. He knew something tremendous had taken place that morning. For a few brief moments he had touched with the very tips of his fingers the edge of a magic world.” – George’s Marvelous Medicine.

Roald Dahl was a dreamer, a weaver of stories and creator of universes so magical and strange and unique that they stayed with many of us long after we outgrew our formative, imagination-filled years. He was silly, and fun, and a bit of a lunatic – basically all of the things we think adults aren’t supposed to be, and all the things we loved as kids.

Born in Cardiff in 1916 to Norwegian parents, his early career was markedly different to the one most of us know him for. As a fighter pilot for the RAF during World War 2, Dahl witnessed the horrors of war first hand, before crashing his aircraft in the deserts of Egypt and being sent home invalided, where he began his life’s work as an author.

For most of us growing up in the UK, Dahl’s books formed an integral part of our childhood. Whether it was the spiteful and vicious Twits, the excitable and endearing Charlie Bucket, the enchanting Matilda, or the quite simply Fantastic Mr. Fox, his characters were beautifully realized and, in spite of their super powers or anthropomorphic abilities, usually grounded in reality. Matilda could move objects with her mind, but she was desperately neglected by her parents. Mr. Fox spoke better English than many a human, but he was constantly on the run for his life from a trio of dim-witted farmers. Dahl found things that affected us all, the things we were scared of or struggled through, and added a sprinkling of magic that helped us escape. And when he was done with the words he passed them over to the incomparable Quentin Blake to bring them to life with his wonderful scattershot and smudged illustrations.

With over 200 million sales across 50 books to his name, he is not only one of the most successful British authors of all time, but also one of the most loved. His stories have been turned into many a Hollywood movie, including the genuinely terrifying The Witches, a couple of Charlies and their chocolate factories, and most recently a Steven Spielberg adaptation of the BFG (snozzcumber anyone?), which has been dazzling an entirely new generation of children more than 25 years after his death. The fact that the world’s top directors are still going back to Dahl for his immaculately crafted source material is a testament to his talent.

In honor of the great man on a day we’ve deemed to be his, I’ve crodsquinkled (caught) the buzz and found my top 10 domains inspired by some of his most famous (and my favorite) words, all of which are now available for registration!

  • Gobblefunk.net – ‘Roald Dahl's special language with different words that most people don't know’
  • Bopmuggered.com – a Dahlian word for ‘caught’
  • Gunzleswiped.co.uk – another Dahlian word for ‘caught’ (he had a few)
  • Splatch-winkle.net – ‘hurrying about’
  • Crodscollop.com – ‘an absolutely great flavor’
  • Jumpsquiffling.biz – ‘something absolutely colossal’
  • Crabcruncher.co.uk – ‘a creature that lives on high cliffs, around the sea’
  • Frothbuggling.net – ‘silly’
  • Lixivate.com – ‘being turned into liquid and being squashed at the same time’
  • Vermicious-Knid.com – ‘a very bad alien that “lixivates” you very easily’

 So go out there and get registering, and let’s make the Internet jumbly and phizz-whizzing just for today!