Kylie Jenner lip kits sold out Ky-wateringly fast

Olivia Cain

On Instagram, Kylie Jenner has 57 million followers, making her the seventh most followed celebrity on the social media platform. She also has a mobile game, an app and a Snapchat with the most views ever. At age 18, she has a multi-million-dollar business: Kylie Cosmetics.

Kylie and her team have clearly been doing some market research (surely helped by her massive reach to her 57 million ‘closest’ fans). At the launch of the new Kylie lip kit (Birthday Edition) on Monday, despite early reassurance that there would be “enough for everybody”, it sold out in just 45 minutes.

If you were to enter the website at four minutes past opening, you’d be directed to a holding page and, more than likely, told that there were inventory issues. Thankfully, they restock on Thursday.


With fun-filled blends of her name and products (think Kyshadow, Kyliner), she’s a branding machine. Therefore, it’s interesting to see how her brand looks online – and just how well it’s being protected.

It’s already obvious with a quick search on eBay and Amazon that, at the very least, people are buying Kylie Jenner kits in bulk and selling them on. At worst, they could already be counterfeiting the clearly very popular, lucrative kits and putting desperate customers at risk.

Right now, if you go to YouTube and type “Real v Fake”, one of the first results suggested is “Real v Fake Kylie Lip Kit”. This is scary enough before you take into account the majority of her customer base’s ages – what 14-year-old is likely to weigh up the pros and cons of a $4 lip kit on eBay that was sold out for $29 on the real website?

Once again, for everyone hoping to buy one of these kits, remember the mantra: if it seems too good to be true, it probably is.