New gTLD review – December 2015

By Stuart Fuller


The recent trend of strong registration numbers among the new gTLDs showed no sign of slowing down in the final month of 2015 as the total registrations grew from 10.4 million at the end of November to 11.2 million at the turn of the year.

In terms of the Top 10 registered TLDs, the biggest change saw dotRen appear on the list for the first time, with over 100,000 registrations added in December.  DotXYZ continues to demonstrate strong growth, adding a further 200,000 new registrations in the month whilst dotWin and dotTop continue to grow.  The common thread in all of this registration growth has been through registrations in the Far East.  Over half of dotXYZ’s 1.8 million registrations have been made through Chinese and Japanese domain registrars, whilst dotRen, dotWang and dotChinese Website (.网址) still continue to show strong numbers.

In terms of new releases, December was a quiet month.  We didn’t have any new gTLDs pass into General Availability, with a handful of interesting looking suffixes opening for Sunrise including dotBoats and dotYachts.  A number of companies finally got their dotBrands delegated including dotFord, dotKPN and dotBosch as well as a few generic TLDs including dotPromo and dotLiving.

There were a few more dotBrand that launched their TLDs in December too.  Brazilian Financial company Bradesco launched (, global tyre manufacturer Bridgestone launched a campaign site ( whilst the forefathers of today’s world wide web, CERN, launched

Looking ahead to January, there are a number of new gTLDs that will open for General Availability during the month.  Pick of the bunch is likely to be dotSwiss, which recorded some very strong numbers in Sunrise.  The trio of motor vehicle related names – dotCar, DotCars and DotAuto move from Sunrise, through EAP and into GA in the latter part of the month, as too will dotProtection and dotSecurity.  Donut’s dotWin and dotVin should whet our whistles during the month too.  Finally, the controversial dotFeedback closes for Sunrise and then opens for GA on the 18th January – it will be interesting to see which brands have decided to register their brand names and not use the dotFeedback platform when that launches on the 16th January.

In terms of Sunrises this month, the pick of the bunch will likely to dotBet and dotBarcelona, both opening in the early part of the month.