Let’s talk about dotSex

By Stuart Fuller


The domain industry is a mature bunch of people so we have no issue being dotAdult about our dotPorn collection so talking about dotSex should come naturally to us.  The latest adult-themed Top Level Domain, run by ICM Registry, is now ready for trademark holders who have a valid TMCH object to register and get ahead of the crowd.  The current registration figures for dotAdult and dotPorn gives us a good marker as to how brands will register and use the latest suffix.  Whilst current numbers for the two suffixes are relatively modest (8,842 and 11,907 respectively), significant numbers of those have been registered by corporates.  In fact, the two TLDs are only marginally behind the most popular, dotLondon and dotEmail in the domain suffixes registered by our clients in the new gTLD programme.  We would expect dotSex to be even more popular simply because of the universal understanding (and appeal) of the word.  Porn and Adult do not necessarily translate into every language but Sex not only sells, according to the marketers, but is commonly understood across the globe.

The sunrise period was particularly popular during the launch of dotAdult and dotPorn with over 4,000 brand holders taking advantage of their Trademark Clearinghouse registrations.  Brand holders have already started their protection strategies in dotSex with recorded registrations in the past few days by Apple, Google, Facebook and Twitter securing their names, as well as Taylor Swift, who has been very proactive in the more controversial TLDs so far.  There have also been some generic trademarks registered already. Airport.sex and Hotel.sex are two more interesting registrations so far – the mind races when you think what those domains could be used for!

The sunrise period runs until 1st October 2015 then there will be opportunities for holders of existing dotXXX registrations to grab their matching registrations before General Availability opens on the 4th November 2015.