Pioneers get first pick for dotCLOUD domains

One of the more interesting new gTLDs due to make an appearance in the last few months of 2015 is dotCloud.

"Cloud" has become a buzzword used well-beyond the world of hosting, and is today synonomous with sharing, interaction, innovation and creativity. This means that dotCloud represents not only the extension of choice for the growing number of products and services that rely on cloud computing, but can be an interesting and powerful tool in the hands of smart marketers looking to stand out from the crowd, especially those who use social media as the key channel to collaborate with clients.

From airlines looking for a quirky address to exhibit their customer experience up in the sky to sports teams that wants to build a fan page and aggregate buzz and chatter about their players and games, a dotCloud domain will give a different spin to a good idea and help package it into a great product or service.

Any brands or organisations that have been looking for a chance to show off should consider applying to the dotCloud Pioneer Programme, an opportunity to jump the queue and play a leading role in the launch phase of the TLD. Up to 100 Pioneers will get first pick for their dotCloud domains and a head start of over two months before anybody can even order one during Sunrise. Pioneers will also be featured prominently in the marketing and PR campaign that the Registry plans to kick-off at the end of September with the help of one of the world's leading PR agencies, which means a lot of extra free publicity for the most creative implementations.

If you are interested in finding out more, speak to NetNames about the Pioneer Programme.