First gTLDs To Hit Market Have Early Renewal Rates of Around 75 Percent

The first of the new gTLDs operated by Donuts to hit the market are coming up for renewal – both those registered during the Sunrise period and for the first few days of General Availability.

And Donuts have found that so far around three-quarters (74%) of these are being renewed, although the renewal rates are slipping as those registered during the Sunrise period have far higher renewal rates than those registered during General Availability. On the first day when renewals were available, over 91.6 percent of the 4,534 domains up for renewal were renewed.

Up until last Sunday (22nd March), Donuts announced on the company blog that 29,262 domains in the gTLDs they operate have passed through the auto-renew grace period and hence their final renewal status is definitively known. Most of these names are from the dotBike, dotClothing, dotGuru, dotHoldings, dotPlumbing, dotSingles and dotVentures gTLDs, but some are Sunrise names from dopCamera, dotEquipment,dotEstate, dotGallery, dotGraphics, dotLighting, and dotPhotography.

In total figures 27,214 of the 29,262 names were registered after the Sunrise period. The renewal rate on the 29,262 names is 74 percent.

The high renewal rates compare to renewal rates for .com and .net for the third quarter of 2014 of 72.0 percent compared with 72.7 percent for the same quarter in 2013.     This comparison between COM and the new domains becomes even more interesting when you realize the 72% rate for COM is the blended rate for all COM names, the majority of which were initially registered many years ago and are consistently renewed.

Donuts co-founder and Executive Vice President Dan Schindler said he always expected the renewal rates for domains registered in gTLDs operated by Donuts to be high.  The growth and usage of Donuts domains is developing more like ccTLDs, rather than being like previous gTLDs.

Back in November 2014, Schindler spoke to NetNames <> and said he was confident of high rates of renewals and continuing success. For starters, Schindler stressed every one of the one million plus domains registered in their gTLDs has been paid for. And most were registered and paid for by early adopters, so Schindler says Donuts is confident they will have high renewal rates.

“They were registered for longer term investments. There is not enormous type in traffic so speculators haven’t entered the market on a large scale – they were bought for longer term investments,” Schindler believes.

And twelve percent of domains registered across Donuts’ gTLDs “are already living breathing sites. That is really encouraging. With more being used, use begets use.”