New gTLDs Pass Two Million Registrations, But Future Cloudy As 4 In 5 Parked

Registrations of domains in the new gTLDs passed the two million mark last weekend, and while some have proved initially successful, the future of many is not assured with promotions and parked domains meaning there are not many out in the wild!

At the close of Monday, there were almost 2.043 million domains registered across the 371 new gTLDs that have been delegated,192 of them in General Availability, according to

The gTLD with the most registrations, or Domains Under Management, continues to be .xyz with 457,412 registrations, or 22.6 percent of all registrations, down from around a quarter only a few weeks ago as more gTLDs launch.

In second place remains .berlin with 138,071 registrations and then .club with 99,040, .guru with over 69,188 and then .wang (56,896), being the only gTLDs with more than 50,000 registrations.

But what of the registrations. There is certain to be a shakeout at the end of years one and two as it can be expected that many domains won’t be renewed. Especially .xyz that has seen 82.4 percent of its registrations through one registrar, Network Solutions, which has been giving its .com registrants the equivalent .xyz domain unless they opted out. Additionally, .berlin ran a heavily discounted promotion for a few weeks that saw registrations jump around 90,000 in a few days.

Additionally, almost four in five (79.43%) of the new gTLD domains registered are currently parked meaning very few are being used for productive websites, nor likely any other use like email. Almost six percent (120,662) are currently being redirected to another website.

The gTLD, according to, with the highest proportion of parked domains is unsurprisingly .xyz with 93.52 percent of all their registered domains currently being parked followed by .berlin with 83.25 percent. Certainly there would be investors and speculators that would have snapped up some of the premium domains, and many may have plans to develop sites using them, or selling when the right buyer comes along.

Interestingly the gTLDs among the top ten with the least domains parked proportionally are .photography (63.12%) and .email (65.26%) while .wien with 8,149 registrations and .webcam with 9,071 have the lowest proportion of parked domains with 53.91 and 47.25 percent respectively. Could this be an indicator of future success?

Among the internationalised domain names (IDNs), it is the Chinese gTLDs that have been the most successful. .公司 (.company) has the most registrations at 35,918 followed by .在线 (.online – 35,734) and then .网络 (.network – 24,988). But for the first and third of these, the registry operator is holding over 90 percent of the domains are reserved, most through the registry operator and the gTLDs are still in their Landrush phase.

There is also a breakdown of the top 100 registrants provided by The registrant that holds the most domains among the new gTLDs is North Sound Names with 43,163 domains, or 2.13 percent of all new gTLD domains. But it is domain investors, or domainers, that appear to have been the big registrants. Brands, understandably, seem to have steered clear, at least for now. It is likely brands will wait until there is a critical mass of registrations and where they can see a business case for domains in the new gTLDs. Launching a website in an unknown gTLD is likely to be a case of brand suicide.

Quite possibly the brand with the largest number of domains registered among new gTLDs is Verisign, but even they only have 2,550 domains while Microsoft might be next (1,268) and then Amazon (954). Registrants may be using a pseudonym though, making it a little hazy as to who is the registrant at times.

In the new gTLDs, as elsewhere, suspicious domains such as those hosting malware are a problem and notes there were 437 suspicious domains registered, or a mere 0.02 percent of all domains in new gTLDs.

Of the registries, the largest is Donuts with 148 of the 371 gTLDs delegated covering almost 843,000 of the registrations, or 41.64 percent. There are also 182 registrars that are taking registrations for at least one of the new gTLDs.

In broader registration statistics, there are also 18 gTLDs that have passed the 20,000 mark, 37 have passed 10,000, 76 passed 5,000 and 178 have passed 1,000.

Stuart Fuller, Director of Commercial Operations