Exclusive results of the Trademark Clearinghouse


80% of the businesses surveyed agreed that the TMCH would help protect IP online

NetNames have been given exclusive access to the latest market research to be publish on awareness of the new gTLD program.

Deliotte, the operator of the Trademark Clearinghouse (TMCH), commissioned Vanson Bourne, a global market research company for technology brands, to conduct an independent survey of 200 consumer facing businesses with 3,000 – 10,000+ employees to gain insights into general awareness of the new gTLD program, and  actions taken up by those businesses to operate in the new gTLD space.

The research focuses on five key areas:

  • The level of business awareness regarding the launch of the new domains this year

  • Whether businesses have adequately assessed the impact that the new TLD program might have on their intellectual property

  • The number of businesses that plan to submit their trademarks into the Trademark Clearinghouse

  • The perceived level of threat the new domains present to trademark /IP holder

  • Where the responsibility lies within an organization when it comes to protecting brands/trademarks online

The research has been conducted in the US and UK markets and shows that awareness of the new gTLD program is improving significantly with over 75% of the UK businesses surveyed having good to full awareness of the program.

Many businesses still perceive the program to be of medium to high risk to their IP rights but agree that the benefits outweigh the risks due to the IP and trademark protections in place.  Many still feel that the job of proactively protecting trademarks in the existing domain name space is still difficult task.

Unsurprisingly, roughly 80% of businesses surveyed agreed that the TMCH would help protect IP online, yet, less than half said they would actually add their trademarks to
the TMCH. Many businesses still appear to be on the fence about adding any trademarks
to the TMCH.

An interesting part of the survey suggests that many businesses are contemplating registering domains in IDN and geographic TLDs, with the order of importance being:

  1. Branded TLDs –sector specific TLDs such as .insurance, .bank

  2. IDN TLDs – Internationalized Domain Names such as .com in Arabic and Hebrew

  3. Geographic TLDs - .london, .paris and .nyc

  4. Generic TLDs - .ninja, .web etc…..

Ben Anderson, head of new gTLDs of NetNames comments on the
research issued by the TMCH:

“It’s hard to interpret the numbers of this survey and apply them to the general market, but one thing is clear - businesses are still unclear on how to really approach the new gTLD program and are as yet undecided on how they should position themselves.

The NetNames portfolio optimisation reports have been designed to give businesses a foundation to build and develop their new gTLD strategy on  and is an excellent tool for those that have full or little awareness of the new gTLD program. Regardless of where your own business fits into the results, building a strategic approach early will help you stay one step ahead of your competitors”.

View the research document here.
Written by the New gTLD Team, NetNames

7 June 2013