Brands investing in online advertising must not forget to protect their brands

Savvy marketing departments will see the benefits of a Brand Protection Strategy when investing in online advertising spend

Despite all the doom and gloom still surrounding the British economy, figures released by the Advertising Association and trade body WARC yesterday showed that firms are spending more on advertising today than they have done since the economy went into free-fall in 2007.

Whilst advertising budgets are normally one of the first things that are slashed in times of belt-tightening, they are also one of the first visible green shoots of recovery. So the announcement that UK firms spent over £17 billion in 2012 is a positive sign that the good times may be on the way back for the British economy.

The Internet has become the most dominant medium for firms with £5.4 billion spent on online campaigns in 2012.  Experts estimate this figure to grow by 10% in 2013.  So is this all good news for brands?

Maybe not. With brands spending more on their online presence, the threat of cyber crime will also grow.  Criminals will look at using a firm’s legitimate marketing and advertising campaign to create fraudulent ways to divert web traffic, customers and ultimately online revenues.

The need to have an online brand protection strategy to stop criminals winning over a brand’s unprotected reputation and revenue is much more important today than it was back in 2008.  Cyber criminals  are  more resourceful than six years ago, and without robust protection, a brand can very quickly see their advertising Return on Investment  slowly disappear into the pockets of unscrupulous individuals.

Written by Stuart Fuller, Director of Communications and Commercial Operations, NetNames.

10 May 2013