Why bother registering trademarks in the Trademark Clearinghouse?

TMCH) opens tomorrow


Tomorrow is a  big day for the Internet - the start of the Internet revolution when the virtual Trademark Clearinghouse (TMCH) opens its front door for the first time and welcomes any Trademark holders in for business!  The service, run by Deloitte, is long overdue in the ongoing war brand owners fight to stop their critical online assets being infringed.  But does the TMCH go far enough to protect brand holders?  NetNames Director of Communication, Stuart Fuller, asks one of the questions that trademark holders are all thinking of - why register trademarks in the TMCH anyway?

Just think of the conversations going on at the moment of the buyers of insurance.com ($16m) and hotels.com ($11m). How do you think they felt when they realized that if they would have waited a while longer, they could have picked up a .hotel (or .hotels) for just a few dollars?After years of debate, the reset of the internet is now only a few weeks away.

When the new gTLDs finally launch it will be an opportunity for those companies who weren't lucky enough to be around when the original land grab happened in the .com world back in the mid-eighties to make a (domain) name for themselves, quite literally. Savvy brand holders have already started to work with NetNames on their domain name management strategy, understanding which are the key new TLDs to register to gain an advantage in the new internet world order and which to steer clear of. With potentially twenty new TLDs being launched on a weekly basis from April 2013, now is the time for brand owners to stop and revisit their domain strategy once more.

Without all the facts, it is enough to confuse the most experienced of domain name experts. NetNames considers new gTLDs to be so strategically important to a brands’ future online strategy, that it will provide you with a free analysis of your current portfolio, a recommended registration list and identify where the new gTLDs will fit into your domain name strategy. For those brands who want to take advantage of the new gTLDs, the Trademark Clearinghouse is a critical step they have to negotiate.  To have the opportunity to secure trademark-matching domain names first, a brand holder has to submit their trademarks into the TMCH.   We realize how important this step is to brand holders and so NetNames has worked hard to be the first registrar to have completed its integration with the Trademark Clearinghouse and is ready to place registrations on behalf of brand owners NOW.

NetNames understands that budgetary planning is also a crucial component for brand owner success under New TLDs and provides a potential timeline for when the registrations that are key to your brand are due to be delegated and what the costs will be...

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