ICANN's big reveal - see which companies, individuals and communities have applied for new gTLDs

Today - Wednesday 13 June 2012 - is the long awaited day that ICANN promised to reveal the names of applicants who have applied for new gTLDs, as well as the suffixes they have applied for. ICANN hasn't disappointed.

In a press conference which started in London at lunchtime, ICANN revealed the names of individuals, companies and the domain strings they have applied for. If you would like to see who has applied for what, click on the link below:


Some of the brands who have applied include Nike, Apple, Xerox, Next, Epsom, Hermes, Audi, Canon, Accenture, Lancome, MIT and Alstom - amongst many others.

Some of the community names that have been applied for include Author, Attorney, Bank, Cricket, Cruise, Health, Hair, Windows, Office, Hockey, Hospital, Movie, Music.

Some of the geographic names that have been applied for include Helsinki, London, Irish, Sydney, Istanbul, Wales, Miami, Moscow and NYC.