Online piracy costs the gaming industry millions of pounds each year

Playstation Network released Call of Duty: MW3 this week amid fears that online piracy costs the gaming industry hundreds of jobs and millions of pounds each year. Dan Whitworth, the BBC’s Newsbeat Technology reporter has written about the release and the issue on the BBC’s Newsbeat website. He has also quoted some research produced by Envisional – NetNames’ sister company – titled ‘An estimate of infringing use of the Internet’.

Dan Whitworth states:

“The number of illegally downloaded video games has gone up nearly 20% in the last five years.

Figures from research firm Envisional also suggest the top five games from 2010 were pirated online almost a million times.

Industry executives are worried these figures mean a generation of people will expect to get games for free. But some gamers dispute industry claims about how much of a problem online piracy is.

The video games industry says all piracy is theft full stop and the answer lies in offering fair-priced alternatives to illegal downloads.”

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