David Cameron speaks about cyber crime

Looks like everyone is talking about security nowadays, even David Cameron. He has called on the world's largest countries to work together to tackle cyber crime.

Speaking at the London Conference on Cyberspace earlier this week (Tuesday 1 November 2011), he said that a "cross-border problem needs cross-border solutions" and stressed that international cyber security is a "real and pressing concern".

He added that the UK will take a new approach to improve online security, prevent cyber crime and increase public awareness. Prioritising cyber attacks as a tier one threat, Mr
Cameron announced a £650 million investment in improving the UK's cyber defences.

However, while he called on other nations to follow suit, Mr Cameron stressed that increasing cyber security is not an "excuse for censorship".

"We cannot go the heavy-handed route," he said. "Do that and we'll crush all that is good about the Internet - the free flow of information, the climate of creativity that gives life to new ideas and new movements."

The call for a joint approach to cyber security comes after the director of GCHQ Iain Lobban revealed that the number of cyber attacks in the UK has reached "disturbing" levels.

For more on David Cameron’s speech: http://www.number10.gov.uk/news/cyberspace/

For more information on the conference: http://www.fco.gov.uk/en/global-issues/london-conference-cyberspace/