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For brand holders within the sports and leisure sectors, staying one step ahead of the threats online is now more critical than ever.

Unauthorized use of your intellectual property will divert traffic from your brand and expose your customers to fraudulent sites or counterfeit goods. Customer diversion results not only in loss of revenue but also a dilution of your brand equity. Listings offering unauthorized products on rogue sites expose your customers to pirated or counterfeit content and can lead to reputational issues.

The sharing of pirated or illegally streamed content can dent revenues for major sporting events and rights holders; counterfeit tickets are becoming a bigger issue too due to advances in technology.

Fake recommendations on social media and peer review websites create a ‘false economy’ for travelers. And a lack of visibility in the social media and app marketplace environment can lead to the distribution of counterfeit goods, again leading to loss of revenue and reputational damage.

The sale of counterfeit goods represents between 5% and 7% of all world trade

Within the sporting goods sector, the loss due to fake products in Europe alone is estimated at over €500 million

Globally, 22% of customers have knowingly purchased fake products

More than €500 million is lost annually in revenues and up to 2,800 jobs lost within the sector through the indirect effects of consumers buying counterfeit goods

The major professional sports leagues in the United States lose an estimated $13 billion to sales of counterfeit merchandise and apparel, with the National Football League (NFL) hit hardest with more than $3 billion of infringements

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