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Counterfeiting is rife in the life sciences & healthcare industries, with fraudsters holding up to a third of the potential market. Counterfeiters have exploited the growing trend of consumers buying medicines online, as well as the skyrocketing demand for drugs only available under prescription.

Although counterfeiting initially focused on ‘lifestyle’ drugs – such as those to control obesity and baldness – it now targets high-value, high-demand, life-saving medicines. Since counterfeits can result in treatment failure or even death, it is essential for pharmaceutical companies to take immediate action to protect their brand assets from irreparable damage.

Prescription drugs are the largest market for counterfeit goods, worth $200 billion annually

10–30% of pharmaceutical drugs
in circulation in the world are counterfeit

Up to one million people die annually from counterfeit pharmaceuticals

The EU faces projected baseline costs of €1.8–22bn to 2020 for hospitalizations as a consequence of treatment using counterfeit medicines

In 2013, almost 14,000 websites hosted by illegal online pharmacies were identified and shut down

50% of websites worldwide that hide their physical address are selling illicit pharmaceuticals
, including those labeled with counterfeit trademarks.

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