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For brand holders within the automobile and aerospace sectors, staying one step ahead of online counterfeiters is vital. Today’s cyber-criminals are clever, and the counterfeit market continues to grow as fake websites look more realistic and illegitimate offers are made more enticing. As a result, you need to invest in strategies that prioritize brand protection.

Fake parts pose a serious safety risk – and can lead to major reputational issues. Unauthorized use of your intellectual property will divert traffic from your brand and expose your customers to counterfeit goods. Customer diversion results not only in loss of revenue but also a dilution of your brand equity. 

Fake recommendations on social media and peer review websites create a ‘false economy’ for potential customers. A lack of visibility in the social media and app marketplace environment can lead to the distribution of counterfeit goods and confidential manuals, leading again to loss of revenue and reputational issues.

The sale of counterfeit goods represents between 5% and 7% of all world trade, whilst the value of the global black market for counterfeit auto parts is estimated to be worth $45 billion

Globally, 22% of customers have knowingly purchased fake products

The World Trade Organization estimates that the counterfeiting of auto parts around the world results in the loss of some 250,000 jobs

The Automotive Component Manufacturers Association of India has reported that up to 20% of all road accidents in India are due to counterfeit auto parts

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